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Plaster is a building material used for the protective or decorative coating of walls and ceilings and for moulding and casting decorative elements.


Alpha Plaster

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Alpha Plaster

Water to gypsum ratio: 25%

Volumetric mass: 2.15 grams per cubic centimeter

Compressive strength: 65 MPa

Flexural strength: 14.5 MPa

Water absorption percentage less than 3%

Initial setting: 4 minutes

Secondary setting: 7 minutes

Final setting: 20 minutes

Beta Plaster

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Beta Plaster

Water to gypsum ratio: 60%

Compressive strength: 210 kg / cm3

Flexural strength: 76 kg / cm3

Initial setting: 10 minutes

Secondary setting: 15 minutes


Gipton Plaster

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Gipton Plaster

Combination with water: maximum of 71%

Initial set time: 9 minutes

Secondary set time: 13 minutes

Compressive strength: 140 kg per square centimeter

Flexural strength: 50 kg per square centimeter

Fluidity: 20%


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The Biggest producer of Alpha plaster in the world by capacity of 100 000 tons per year and, in accordance with ISO 14001-18001-9001 and Iran national standard ISIR17773133978.

Our natural gypsum factory is applying advanced gypsum calcination and uncalcination technology with production team expert in natural gypsum. Our factory is also using the purest gypsum rock.

All products of Safavizadeh Gypsum Complex are based on laboratory requirements and required standards for their specific applications and are registered with the company and distributed throughout Iran. Therefore, the Safavizadeh Gypsum Complex reserves the right to pursue any misuse and misuse by competent authorities.

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